Starring Lara Martins & Paul Tabone – London’s West End Opera Couple direct from “The Phantom of the Opera” at her Majesty’s Theatre.

Two extreme Opera singers seek more than the customary marriage of Puccini and Champagne. Beneath the formal tuxedos and evening gowns, lurk overwhelming temptations to stray and indulge their wildest musical fantasies. Trapped between expectation and passion, they fight to keep up public appearances while secretly venturing into unfamiliar musical worlds.

 With their reputations, friendships and identities in question, they steal each other's songs, costumes and spotlight. Extreme musical virtuosity spans the ridiculous to the sublime as this willing couple swap their keys, strip off the stereotypes and let their naked talent shine, all in the aim of finding their true voice.

As it turns out, they definitely sing "both ways"!

Including numbers such as “Nessun Dorma”, “Quando M’en Vo”, “Till I Hear You Sing”, and “ I am Changing” from the Opera and Musical Theatre repertory, from shows such as “The Phantom of The Opera”, “Dream Girls”, “Turandot”, “La Boheme” and “The Secret Garden”, plus many more.

Act I - 1 x 30 minutes

Act II - 1 X 45 minutes

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